Plantation Shutters

Whether your home is modern, period, contempory, cool or chic,  our plantation shutters available in a range of styles shapes and finishes will make a statement in any setting.

With so many advantages including light control, privacy sound a draught proofing they are a totally versatile product for any home.

Styles of shutters include:

  • Tier on Tier – two sets of panels one on top of the other
  • Café style – cover bottom half of window only
  • Full height – cover whole window
  • Tracked – slide on a track and concertina back ideal for French doors
  • Solid – solid wood panels not louvered
  • Shaped – for arched or shaped windows

Our shutters are made to measure in mdf, high quality basswood, hardwood and light grained eco friendly timber. Our Hollywood shutters are also completely waterproof mostly suited to kitchens and bathrooms.

Available in a range of superb  painted or natural finishes they will add an element of chic style and sophistication to any room setting.